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The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers that scammers are targeting those going to the prom by trying to cash china jerseys cheap in on shoppers looking for deals on designer dresses.The BBB described it as a bait-and-switch scam that preys on prom shoppers who, instead of getting a good deal on dresses online, wind up with cheap knockoffs that are falling apart and require expensive alterations.Synchronicity Boutique owner Karen Mazer compared a girl in a designer prom dress to another girl in a similar knockoff for 11 News to show the difference between the two. Former Big East conference foes, this year was the first time since 1996 that the Huskies, in the American Athletic Conference, and Fighting Irish, in the Atlantic Coast Conference, didn't meet in the regular season. But as they went on their separate ways, all paths were eventually going to lead to Tuesday night."I think it was kind of inevitable, wasn't it?" Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw said during a news conference Monday.UConn and Notre Dame have met 12 times in the past three seasons. Though the Huskies are trying to defend their title, it's the Irish who have been on the right side of the rivalry recently, leading 7-5 in that stretch but with victories in seven of the last nine meetings.

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Well-known physicist Michio Kaku and other members of the American Physical Society asked Congress china jerseys wholesale to appropriate $100 million to harden the country's electrical grid against solar flares. As shown below, such an event is actually the most likely Armageddon-type event faced by humanity.Kaku explains that a solar flare like the one that hit the U.S. in 1859 would – in the current era of nuclear power and electric refrigeration – cause widespread destruction and chaos. "We'll have a real big announcement on the spring game day," O'Leary said at the conclusion of the Feb. 5 program. "It won't go out unless you're at the game, so you'll be the only people who know it. But there will be a big announcement on April 12."O'Leary asked if anybody in the crowd knew what it was, then he asked his wife, Sharon, seated in the front row, who said she's always the last to know things."I haven't even told her," O'Leary said.So what could it be? It's a big mystery,chinese jerseys but I came up with a few ideas.